etiquetteHere’s a fun list to check out – are you somebody who fits any one (or all!) the signs listed below? This is from a preliminary list of Social Etiquette questions we go through at Anks Image to understand a person’s psyche. Here are the top 4 signs you’re being too nice to others around you.

1. You always put the needs and wants of others before you.

Now I’m not talking about letting the old lady jump up in a long queue – that’s actually being courteous. But if you let the other people after that old lady jump up the queue as well, because you just can’t find the words to stop them from taking your place in the queue, then you’re being too nice. In a word – pushover.

2. You’re always loaning money to others.

Helping out someone in financial need is a good deed. But you have to think about your own financial condition too. If you’re putting yourself in a financial crisis all the time because of this habit of yours, then you might want to take a step back and figure out how to say “no” the next time.

3. You find yourself in situations where you would do anything to avoid conflicts.

This is serious. Don’t make it a habit to silently agree with whatever the other person decides.

Even if you don’t like confrontations, try to have a direct conversation with the other person without beating around the bush. You don’t need to shout, and you definitely don’t need to break down in tears in an effort to make the other person understand how much the situation is affecting you.

Just have a normal conversation, and make sure you mention how you’d want to avoid such situations in the future.

4. You seem to lie a lot just to spare someone’s feelings.

Whether you’re complimenting someone, or having a normal conversation, you should be truthful about your thoughts and feelings. If you find yourself lying to the other person just because you don’t want to hurt her feelings, it definitely shows you’re being too nice.

Come on, the truth will hurt, but it’ll also help the other person.

Bottom line is you’re simply wasting your time doing all this. The other person is simply taking advantage of your sweet nature, so stop being so nice.

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