Your personal image is what others think about you, based on what they see and hear about you. Even though physical appearance contributes a lot to your good (or bad) image, your behavior and communication is important in establishing what kind of an image you have in the eyes of others.

Your Physical Appearance

Your personal image is not just how you dress – slob, or dressed up – or what you wear – designer, street style, or branded. It’s also about the way you look in your clothes – uncomfortable, ready-to-take-on-the-world, or even simply relaxed.

So yes, your physical appearance has a lot to do with building up a good image. You don’t need oodles of money to come up with a good image, you can have an appealing image wearing street fashion, planned for the particular occasion/destination you need, and of course, being comfortable in your own skin. So what you wear is on your body as well as in your attitude.

Your Behavior

We live in a society. So we should follow the rules of the society, a.k.a. etiquette. No, we don’t have to cross our t’s and dot our i’s while doing so. But keeping within the etiquette of your society does give an automatic boost to the appeal factor of your personal image.

What I’m saying is – you can’t have a good personal image if you’re rude to others around you, even through you’re drenched in the latest fashion and/or look fabulous. Because the moment you open your mouth, the wonderful illusion created by your clothes is destroyed by your nasty behavior.


This is a vast field to consider. But the gist of the matter is you need to be able to communicate well, in order to avoid leaving others confused, irritated, or misunderstood as a result of your communication – verbal as well as non-verbal.

Verbal communication is what we speak. And non-verbal communication is what we write on the paper/computer. And most importantly, non-verbal communication is our body language too.

Imagine this – you’re wearing the latest fashion, you have nice manners to deal with people around you, but if you’re not smiling, or some aspect of your body language is reading red – like arms crossed over your chest, hands in your pockets – you simply can’t achieve a perfect 10 image.

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