business-groomingFor all you ladies out there, here’s a list of body language mistakes you need to avoid, especially if you want to be taken seriously at work, or even otherwise:

Body Language Mistake #1: Acting girlish. Read more

business-groomingThe objective of your resume is to grab the attention of the employer. However, this doesn’t mean you provide false or incomplete information on your resume, especially regarding your previous work experience. Here are some tips on how to list previous work experience, and draft a good resume to land your dream job. Read more

business-groomingPeople often ask me about how to communicate effectively through written communication, especially electronic communication at work. It’s quite easy to come across as harsh and critical in your emails, even if it’s not how you meant it to be. Written communication, in general, is faceless and cold, and it’s difficult to be quick and direct, without sounding cold and stern. So here are a few tips on how to write business emails: Read more

business-groomingAccording to the English dictionary, the term curriculum vitae means a person’s ‘course of life’. And the term resume means a curriculum vitae. To be more precise, resume is a summary of a person’s curriculum vitae. Hence, from reading these descriptions itself can give you ideas about the difference between resume and CV. Read more

business-groomingWhen you want to be successful at work, body language is something you just can’t ignore. Body language is all about the nonverbal signals you send out intentionally, or unintentionally. And most times, you can be misinterpreted based on bad body language, which can turn out to be quite disastrous for your reputation at work.

So here are the 4 most important body language tips for success at work: Read more

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Body language – Secrets to Non-Verbal Communication

Body language holds the secrets to non-verbal communication. Your body language plays a significant role in your success at work. You may say the the right words. But your body posture may suggest otherwise. This way, you risk your success at work.

Below are 3 upper body postures you should avoid at work at all costs.

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