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Online success can be as elusive as seeing wild rhinos on a jungle safari through Kaziranga in Assam – sometimes those rhinos can be seen from the national highway, other times all you see is rhino poop.

With more than a decade dedicated to webdesign, SEO and internet marketing, and everything in between, here are the 6 tips to achieve online success I’ve accumulated along the way:

It’s tough to manage both online and offline strategies of your business

What works for your brick-and-mortar store might not work the same way as your online business. While flash deals work divine online, you can hardly represent your warm and friendly self when your clients are online.

Your customers expect a website

Nowadays, if someone comes across your products or services, they expect you to be online so that they can order directly from you, or at the least connect with you (via your website) to browse your products or services at their own pace.

Your overall sales can be boosted by almost 4% by adding a website to your business strategy

This is a statistic I came across HubSpot (an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers). So, true fact. Enough said.

Using SEO tactics lets the world know you (and your business) exist

Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines work every day to catalog, test, verify, and sometimes even ban websites all across the world to bring the best of information to anyone who can get online. Using search engine optimization (SEO) tactics helps these search engines know your business (and you) exist and consequently inform the interested end-user about you.

Social Media allows you to tell people who you are

You can talk about your lunch. You can talk about your dead pet. Or better yet, talk about your products and/or services on social media to let people know who you are and why investing in your products/services will be good for everyone involved. Sometimes just being active online helps a potential customer remember you when they eventually need your services.

SEO is never over

SEO is a continuous process, just like you workout everyday to stay fit. Keeping your website optimized with the latest search engine suggestions and recommendations keeps you in good standing with the search engine giants, and that usually means you appear in the top 2 pages of the keyword of your choice.

What are you doing to achieve online success? Do share!

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