how to use twitter for business anksimageTwitter is a great tool you can use for your business. Though there are many features, let me show you how to use Twitter for business, if you are just getting started, or trying to figure how Twitter can help you.

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Listen to the World

Twitter allows you to save your searches. So save searches on the generic descriptions of your product/services, your competition, or even just keywords you associate with your target audience. And then analyze these searches to understand what the world wants – what are the expectations and issues associated with your product, any complaints, and so on.

Increase Your Authority

This is a great step on how to use Twitter for business – Connect with people who are termed as “Influencers” within your industry. These are well known people who are famous for what they do within their industry.

For example, connect with Guy Kawasaki if you’re a social media manager. If you do it the right manner and Guy is in a good mood, his response can boost your authority as a social media manager.

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Connect with Your Audience

Once people start following you, you have your audience – a mix of your customers and prospects. So listen to what your audience has to say. If there’s any complaint, don’t ignore. Address the complaint directly with a reply and direct message. Take action to rectify issue(s) mentioned in the complaint. If there’s any good feedback, thank with a reply.

Be Human

Don’t be a robot tweeting only to make a sale. Talk about your interests, interesting stories in your professional life, your kids, wish-list, and so on. Don’t be too sales-y. And retweet when you come across something you like. All this will show you in a good light, more than a salesperson hawking her stuff.

In Conclusion

I’ll come up with a more explicit step-by-step tutorial on how to use Twitter shortly. Until that time, try the above points to make a difference in your social media efforts.

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