business-groomingBusiness is tough. You need to tread carefully, or else the next guy can grab your prospects away. A business meeting is where you seal the deal. You pitch, the other party accepts. And you’re on a roll..

But alas! This is not a simple gig, especially if you’re just starting out in the industry.

Assuming you are well aware on how to procure a meeting with a prospect, follow these 4 steps to prepare for business meeting..

Know What You Have to Say

This is important. If you’re pitching a product or service, know its features, benefits, and especially its flaws and shortcomings. Be realistic and outline your conversation. Evaluate your best-case and worst-case scenarios. Stay on target!

Learn How You Say It

Verbal communication is all about the words you use, the tone of your voice and of course, your body language. If needed, practice on someone. Stay neutral and pleasant.

Scout, Stalk, Research

Scout the meeting venue. Drive to the location at least once before the meeting so you know the route.

Stalk the other party. I mean, look up the person(s) online – see their interests, achievements, pet peeves (if listed) and so on – to get an insight.

Research all you can. Wring information from the Internet about the other party. Anything and everything that can help you make a connection with them, and propel you to make a hefty sale.

Practice, Practice, Practice..

Remember, it’s more than making a sale. You are trying to build a relationship here. You will make a sale. But it doesn’t end there. You want them to choose you again in the future, and most possibly recommend you to their friends and family. So practice what you have to say and how you say it. When you’re done, practice some more.

In Conclusion

Preparing for a business meeting is, indeed, a process. You have to get your point across while making the other party realize they want you (your product or service). Outline what you have to say, based on the research you accumulate, and then practice how you are going to say it. Meetings can make or break your business. So never try to wing it.. That’s just unprofessional conduct.

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