etiquette anksimageAs a job seeker, you have managed to attract an interview from the prospective employer with your stellar resume. Now you have to prepare for the actual interview. Here’s what you should do before a job interview.
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skills anksimageThere are lots of successful women in business. But according to a recent article in the esteemed Harvard Business Review magazine, men still get more promotions than women. Surprising, isn’t it?
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quit your job

Your job is your source of income to maintain your family and your needs. It’s crazy to even think about quitting your job, right? But money is not the only thing you should consider. Job satisfaction also plays an important role in your life.

When you stop feeling satisfied with your line of work, it’s time to quit, or else you’ll be stuck at a dead-end job, or worse – your work frustrations will start affecting your personal life.

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business-groomingMr.Kumar was the most experienced IT Analyst in his organization. With a technical Master’s degree, and having graduated from one of the best business schools in the country, he was hired during campus recruitment. However, it wasn’t clear why he never managed to get promoted to the project manager level of his department. Read more

business-groomingYou might have come across a term “soft skills” recently. Either in the news, job applications, or even your company newsletter. The importance of soft skills has been steadily rising since the past few years. Now companies are looking for professionals not only with proficient technical skills and high educational qualifications, soft skills has also become a requirement.

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business-groomingPeople ask me all the time, “What are the best written communication tips for a professional?”. Depending on your particular line of work, I can suggest various written communication tips to help you be more professional at work. However, in this post, I’ve included the top 3 written communication tips which can bolster your professional image at your workplace. By using these tips, you’ll achieve a more professional image, plus also communicate effectively at work.

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