etiquette anksimageA good handshake represents a confident individual, hence impressing the audience with a good image. Everyone knows what a good handshake entails. Here are my 3 keys to an impressive handshake always..

Slightly lean towards the handshake

In doing so, your whole body is responding to the other person. It’s more welcoming than shaking hands with a stiff body. This way is more friendlier, unless of course you are in the armed forces and you have to be stiff.

Plus sometimes you might not have enough space to stand up and shake hands, so leaning slightly towards the handshake is a great alternative.

Don’t embarrass, disgust, or hurt the other person

Extend your hand and when the other hand is well against your hand, grip it and shake it firmly. Don’t embarrass the other person by just touching or gripping the fingers. Wipe your hands down before meeting anyone to avoid disgusting anyone with your sweaty or dirty hands. If you have ring-laden fingers, shake hands with a grip a tad less firmly than you usually would.

And finally, shake hands firmly, not as if you are on a mission to pull out the other person’s arm out of its socket!

Understand if a handshake is acceptable or not

In most countries, women don’t shake hands with strange men. If you’re not sure of the norm, ask someone beforehand. Or just say it while extending your hand for a shake. If you are open about it, chances are the lady won’t be offended. In most cases when a handshake is not necessary, simply nod and look the newcomer straight on, not at her body or clothes, or whatever. Be courteous, not leery.

Keep these 3 keys in mind to impress your audience, whether in a social or business setting.

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