The Prince danced with Cinderella for hours till midnight every night for three nights. Yet when he came to Cinderella’s house to see whose feet the glass slipper fit, he couldn’t recognize Cinderella in her rags. Thankfully for Cinderella, she had the other slipper to convince the Prince and the others that she, indeed, was the one with whom the Prince had fallen in love with. And without her Fairy Godmother prepping her for the Prince’s ball, she never would have had a chance in her own happily-ever-after ever.

In today’s times, the Fairy Godmother is equivalent to an Image Consultant. Cinderella needed Fairy Godmother to enable people to see how beautiful she was inside as well as outside. Likewise, everyone needs a Fairy Godmother, a.k.a. an Image Consultant. Your Image Consultant can show you what to wear, how to behave, where to shop, and whatever that makes the others around you realize and appreciate who you really are.

When to Choose An Image Consultant to Help You?

It’s sad but true that most people don’t look beyond each other’s physical appearance and make assumptions according to how each individual perceives the other individual’s appearance. It’s even more sad and yet again true that most people don’t actually know how to project themselves the way they really are to the world, and they end up being misjudged one way or another. People don’t think of such misrepresentations until they are facing a difficult time either in their personal or professional life, or sometimes both. Not being able to make friends easily, not being invited to an event you would really like to attend, being passed over for an upcoming/deserving promotion at work and so on are some of the instances directly related to the impact of your image on others. And if you want to correct such misgivings, you should look up an Image Consultant for some good advice to do damage control and renew your public relations, so to speak.

You can be misjudged by complete strangers and you probably won’t care about it. But what do you do when you are misjudged by the people around you? They have known you for some time, and you have an unique relationship with everyone. There are actually studies showing how small misunderstandings among people who are familiar with each other are more likely to make way for severe problems in their relationships with each other just because people don’t like dealing with personal confrontations or they are scared they might hurt the other person while trying to clear such trivial matters. Avoiding such confrontations about trivial matters builds up any negative perceptions about each other, thereby paving the path for a negative or misjudged image of each other. To make relationships work and basically make life easier, you should look up an Image Consultant to work with you on skills required to avoid such situations.

And finally, you should choose an Image Consultant simply because you want to revamp your physical appearance and need expert advice on makeovers, style, fashion,.. the works!

How to Choose an Image Consultant?

There is no Bachelor’s or Master’s degree associated with Image Consultancy. So it is difficult to choose an Image Consultant based on their educational qualifications. Image Consultants are simply those people who have a natural flair for making things right in someone else’s life with their unique range of specialties. There are some with interior design specialty who can transform your home to soothe your lifestyle. And there are some with fashion specialty who can transform you into a style diva overnight. At Anks Image, we have a multitude of specialties to highlight your plus points and downplay your not-so-good points. The key to choosing the right Image Consultant for you is knowing what you want. Sometimes, it’s hard to gather what you really want in all the confusion you might be facing, so try consulting with Image Consultants one at a time, and stick to the one who you feel is the best option for you.

When searching online, you might find many Image Consultancy firms who offer free consultations, either in person or over the phone/internet. At Anks Image, the first consultation is free for all new customers. Likewise, you will find more such options on the Net. Talk to the Image Consultants in these free sessions, although be sure to check each firm’s privacy policy (what they do with and how they share the information you give them). Anks Image offers a complete privacy guarantee – your information is safe with us and we share it with no one under any circumstances. Try to talk to the Consultants who have similar beliefs in safeguarding your right to privacy. And then stick with the one you found best in your opinion. Remember, there is no educational degree associated with Image Consultancy, online testimonials can be easily bought and unless you actually ask for the firm’s balance sheet for the last three years (which you won’t even get because of the firm’s right to privacy), you can’t really rely on anything other than your own gut feeling. If ever in slightest of doubt, try the next Image Consultant on your list and keep on trying till you succeed. Quick tip – Image Consultants are supposed to be friendly, non-judgmental, good natured and hard-working. If you find otherwise, specially on the negative, please go to the next one on your list.

In conclusion, you need an Image Consultant to solve your issues or just to make you look more pretty, and generally make your life more easier and more comfortable to live. And when you do realize you need an Image Consultant, the best way to choose is to follow your instinct and choose the one whom you are comfortable sharing your information with. Enjoy your life to the fullest. And if ever you feel you need more out of life, Anks Image is at your service. Send your emails to, or use our Contact Form.

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    Very nice Cinderella analogy, it’s the ability to communicate with sweet analogies and stories that makes an image consultancy life’s easier.


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