What Is Color Analysis?

Last Updated: 15th August 2020

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Color analysis is the practice of finding the right colors for an individual or brand. I use it in my image consulting as well as digital marketing projects. In this post, I will share what is color analysis from an image consulting and branding point of view.


Color Analysis in Image Consulting

In its simplest form, color analysis can be defined as the process to find the right shades of colors for your clothes, your makeup, your accessories, etc. It becomes slightly complex when you use it to find colors for your home or office. It is quite complex when you use it to find colors for relief from headaches, aches and pains etc. In fact, color analysis is used with acupressure for healing ailments like diabetes, blood pressure and so on.

I have practiced color analysis in its simpler forms, from styling a client with the right shades in outfits and makeup, to recommending colors for a client’s home office to create positive energy and promote creativity. Once I tried color healing for headaches. I was so nervous I haven’t attempted that again.

Anything beyond is way out of my capabilities, and I prefer it that way.


Why You Need It

Let’s face it, some people do possess a natural talent of finding the right shades for their clothes and makeup, their overall appearance.

So why do you need any color consultant?

Firstly, because the keyword here is “some”.

Some people are naturals at this. Most times no one takes them seriously (themselves included) because they are not professionally trained to recommend stuff like that.

And secondly, because most people are not always confident about the choices they make without professional guidance. That’s just human nature.

So that’s where I come in. You know I have the years of knowledge, experience and expertise in color analysis to take your overall appearance from “nice” to “wow!” My clients, this website, everyone can vouch for that.


Color Analysis in Branding

Branding in digital marketing is about establishing your brand online with the right traits that differentiate your brand from its competition. So color analysis in branding is about finding the right colors to represent your brand to the public eye online.

Your brand has a voice and a personality. Your brand colors should support both to successfully compel your audience to remember you, and ultimately trust you enough to buy from you.


Why You Need It

Colors influence people. We know that. Your branding should have the right colors to influence your audience to buy from you.

That’s why the process of choosing your brand colors is slightly more complicated in branding, as compared to what happens in image consulting. I have to work with you and your team to understand the brand mission, vision, your expectation from your brand, pain points of your audience, and pain points of your industry to successfully come up with options of the right color combinations for you to choose from.

While I have worked with new brands from scratch, there have been many projects where I have done brand makeovers, starting from choosing the right colors to setting up their website and training their team members to refine their customer journey and sales funnel. And this process of choosing the right colors has to support each stage of my work. That’s why choosing the right colors for a brand is so important.


Over to you..

Color analysis is as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Use it as part of image consulting to enhance your looks, work with it for a peaceful existence, or heal yourself. Use it as a part of branding in digital marketing to create a unique brand that edges out your competition. Or both. It’s all your choice!

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