Top 20 Ways To Look Fat

Last Updated: 15th August 2020

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Over the years, I’ve compiled the different types of mistakes people (and sometimes I myself) make while dressing for any occasion, and end up looking really fat. In order to stop you from making these mistakes, read these top 20 ways to look fat and STOP using them, if you are doing so right now.

Beware of these top 20 ways to look fat – you will look fat when you are:

  1. Tucking in your top or shirt into your bottoms, especially if you have a big belly.
  2. Wearing tops or shirts with horizontal strips, or better – huge prints (think Hawaiian shirts!)
  3. Always opting to wear tops or bottoms 2 sizes bigger, or 1 size smaller.
  4. Never wearing fitting undergarments.
  5. Thinking tight t-shirts can really rock your look, so going for it, no matter what size you’re in!
  6. Making sure the waist band of your pants are right below your tummy, so that your tummy bulges out after a certain time.
  7. Wearing high-waisted pants to highlight your trouble area, even when you have a big belly.
  8. Wearing heavy fabrics like corduroy, suede, etc. Never opting for light fabrics like cotton, lycra, etc.
  9. Wearing clingy fabrics on top, maybe frills in the neckline or shoulder pads on blouses, even though you are a top-heavy gal.
  10. Not wearing flared pants to balance your look. Instead, wearing a flared petticoat to look huge in a saree.
  11. Trying out huge hoop earrings, especially when you have a round face.
  12. Wearing skinny jeans with short tops to highlight your back.
  13. Wearing skinny jeans to highlight their super-thin legs, especially when you are top-heavy dude.
  14. Wearing huge Patiala salwars. The more wider, the better? Especially bottom-heavy gals.
  15. Not bothering about colour seasons! Wearing different colours – the more multi-coloured you are, the more fabulous you’ll look.. NOT.
  16. Wearing sarees with huge borders to look even shorter.
  17. Sporting a big hairdo, like the bouffant, or something like that, especially if you’re heavy.
  18. Never wearing shapers to smooth out the contours of your body.
  19. Wearing sequins or shiny fabrics to highlight your voluptuous curves.
  20. Avoiding dark colours like navy, black, brown, etc.

Over to you..

Just in case you might NOT have noticed, all the tips above are things YOU SHOULD NOT DO while planning an outfit for yourself. These are huge mistakes – my top 20 ways to look fat. To look great, do the opposite of what has been mentioned above.

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  1. Thank you for this post! Now I realized that I have been doing so many things wrong. I will remember all of these. Thanks again!

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