handwriting analysisUsing Handwriting Analysis for recruiting new employees is becoming more popular every day. You can use handwriting analysis to get a complete personality report about your candidates before or after a face-to-face interview. This report can help you shortlist candidates before an interview, or help you compare what you experienced during the interview against the personality report of the candidate to decide if the candidate is a good fit for your organization.

If you’re thinking of using handwriting analaysis for recruiting new employees before an interview, here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1 – Incorporate a blank sheet in your job application form for applicants to fill out with their own handwriting. This sheet can be short essay about why the candidates think they are a good fit for the job. Or you can use our templates.

Step 2 – Request the candidates to include their signature at the end of this sheet. Don’t specify the location, and better yet, make sure the blank sheet is completely unlined. This will give us a better idea about the candidates’ personalities.

Step 3 – Never inform candidates you’re using this blank sheet for evaluation of any kind. This might restrain them, and hence produce irregular readings.

If you’re using handwriting analysis for recruiting new employees after an interview, follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Contact the candidates you are interested in, and ask them to fax/scan and email you a short essay about why they think they’re right for the job on a blank sheet of paper. Or you can also ask their opinion about how they felt the interview went. Asking for their opinion (why they’re right for the job, or how they thought the interview went) is crucial – it’ll show their true personality on paper.

Step 2 – Request for signature at the end of the page, don’t specify anything about the sheet, except that it should be unlined.

Step 3 – Again, never inform the purpose of this activity is beyond the scope of general interaction between you and the candidate.

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