weight lossSometimes working out regularly can’t be an option in your daily routine. If you’re looking for ways to look slimmer without investing too much of your time, then you’ve got to read this article.

Try the following top 4 tricks to look slimmer without breaking sweat:

1. Maintain Posture.

Stand tall, chin up, shoulders back, chest out but don’t arch your back. Make sure your body weight is equally supported on both feet. This is the standard body posture.

The standard body posture supports your spine, and compacts your loose fat within your body frame, thus making you look slimmer than usual. And remember, this posture is not only good to look slimmer, it actually encourages better digestion, blood circulation, and other physiological bodily functions. Meaning, it’s good for your health, so do it!

2. Wear Dark Colors In Layers.

You might have read about wearing black to look slimmer. I won’t say that because black might not suit everyone. Black sometimes highlights dark spots on your skin, or dark circles under your eyes for some people. In case you’re not too sure if black suits you or not, don’t take any chances. Use dark colors instead. And try to wear dark bottoms. Dark bottoms usually slim down the lower body, which is usually the problem area for most overweight people.

In case you’re wearing dark colors in the top half of your body, try to use layers. For instance, wear a black tank inside a dark navy A-line peasant top. Don’t know what this means? Contact me now.

3. Avoid Cropped Pants, Or Skinny Jeans.

Whether you’re pear-shaped, or apple-shaped, cropped pants or skinny jeans are completely out of the question, no matter how “in” they’re right now. These make your legs look shorter than they are, hence making you look more rounder than usual.

4. Keep Round Shapes Away From Your Face.

Round glasses make your round face more rounder. Try something else, like square or rectangular shapes for your sunglasses, reading-glasses, etc. Same goes for your earrings. Small round earrings are fine, but large hoops are a big NO if you have a round face.

So these were some of the tricks you can try yourself to look slimmer almost instantly, and of course, without breaking any sweat.

A word of caution – You can try these tricks to look slimmer anytime you want. But do keep in mind that you can only “look” slimmer. To actually become slimmer, you need to make lifestyle changes to include better diet plans as well as workout routines.

Contact me now to receive customized diet plans and/or workout routines to lose weight safely, and keep it off. Try our free consultation now.

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