7 Must Haves To Rock This Holiday Season

Last Updated: 31st March 2020

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This holiday season, celebrate in style! Get better gifts for your friends and family, gorge on delicious yummy food, book the hottest holiday attractions.. here are the 7 must haves to rock this holiday season..

In India we just had Diwali to start the holiday season. Puja, lights, sweets, delicious food – it was too good! And then, even though I live in India now, I couldn’t help but do something special (cook up a storm) on Thanksgiving Day too. And then there’s Christmas to look forward to, and then of course New Year’s. So ’tis the season to celebrate! So let’s get onto the must haves now:

Rock A New Look

Get a haircut. Experiment with makeup. Buy those insanely hot boots! Do something to reward yourself. Santa can reward you at the end of the year. It’s time now to reward yourself.

What I Did
I got hot pink highlights! So when I keep my hair open, hot pink streaks of hair peep through brown-black hair. And I love it.. puts me in the festive mood.

Plan A Vacation

If you like to party, plan a vacation to party hard in another city or even another country. You can get in some new sights during the day and then let loose to party all night through.

What I Did
I can’t do anything like this with a baby in tow :(
But who’s stopping you, huh?

Do Potluck Meals

Potluck meals are a great way to spend time with friends and family while tasting the culinary expertise of the people in your life. Test your cooking abilities. Make the main dish, or a dessert, or just a side dish maybe. And then laugh at each other if it turns out gross.

What I Did
I love to bake. So I bake. Most times it turns out fine. Other times my mom-in-law’s the only one kind enough to say whatever I had baked was great. All that mystery really ups the excitement in the potluck meals ;)

Plan Better Gifts

It’s always so nice to receive a gift on a special day. It’s even better to see that smile on someone’s face when they receive a surprise gift from you. So plan better gifts and win more smiles. And remember, gifts need to be thoughtful, not expensive. After all, it’s the thought that counts, not the price.

What I Did
I plan gifts for my loved ones through the year. And then surf like crazy on Pinterest for DIY projects. You can check out some of the stuff I have made in the past here.

Throw A Party

Getting together over a weekend is a relaxing affair. Throwing a party for your friends and family is a time to celebrate. So celebrate this holiday season by throwing a party at your house. It can be a rowdy affair, or an elaborate sit-down dinner. It’s your choice.

What I Did
I love sit-down dinners. The more elaborate, the better. The weather is not really cooperating at this time, but maybe soon I can send out a few invites for a sit down dinner where I can cook up a storm and drive my hubby crazy with last minute shopping runs. Fingers crossed!

Pimp Up Your Home

Make your house look extra pretty this holiday season by adding flowers, decorative lights, and so on. The flowers need not be fresh, they can be paper flowers made by your own two hands (tutorials are abundant in Pinterest). The decorative lights can be the same ones you have used for Diwali, or planning to use for Christmas. Light up a scented candle in the evenings. Change the home furnishings – cushion covers, curtains, etc. – to a brighter shade. Go crazy!

What I Did
I have decorative lights still lighting up my balcony and entrance of the house since Diwali. I’ve added a few Pinterest projects to the living room area since that’s the place we all are together most of the time. It looks festive enough. Now after I set up the Christmas tree tomorrow, it will SCREAM festive!

Always Have Goodies Ready to Eat

It’s the holiday season, isn’t it? So forget about counting calories (or increase your workout time). Keep treats easily available in the house. You can buy sweets, chocolates, quick snacks from the market, or you can just make them yourself and place them in decorative containers so people know they are in for a treat when they open those containers.

What I Did
I bake religiously every Friday. Sometimes supplies last, sometimes they don’t making me bake again on a Sunday. But it’s a good baking experience. And I buy traditional Indian sweets from the market too, especially those which I don’t have the equipment or knowledge to cook myself.

Over to you..

Do any of these 7 must haves (or all of them) to celebrate this holiday season. And most importantly, just be yourself and have fun!


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