Top 11 Things Not to Say In a Job Interview

Last Updated: 31st March 2020

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A job interview is THE opportunity to start your dream job. You’ve already got a foothold on that job with the interview call, now ace the meeting to get started. To aid you, here are the top 11 things not to say in a job interview.

Do NOT..


Slightly exaggerating your skill set, and blatantly lying on your resume (and consequently, your job interview) are two different things. Just don’t lie. It can be a hardship to maintain such lies, and if you’re caught, consequences can be worse than you can think.

Show Up Disheveled or Late

Wear proper business attire. Prim your hair. Apply minimum makeup. No bling. Clean your shoes. And show up on time. Be punctual.

Bad-Mouth Your Current or Ex-Boss

One of the first questions you are asked in a job interview is about why you want to leave your current job, or why you left your last job. Your response should be simple – you wanted to develop your skill set at an organisation that promises progress. Don’t monologue about your idiotic or bitchy boss from your current or former job. No matter how true your words can be, you are the one whose impression will be ruined with such immature behavior.

Murmur or Be Incoherent

Speak eloquently. If you can’t think of an answer, ask the interviewer to elaborate on the question asked while you think of an answer. Don’t say “Err..”, “Um..”, “Hmm..” and what not.


Don’t f^&%$*g talk like this. Maintain decorum. Be aware of what comes out of your mouth at all times till you leave the venue of your job interview. Go home. Scream into a pillow. Or shout swear words all night long. You’re free to do whatever you want.

Be Cocky

When answering questions of the interviewer, remember to be humble. Don’t get cocky and say things like “I don’t have any weaknesses” or “You can’t find anyone more skilled for this job, other than me”. You know the kind.

Share Personal Stories

Interviewers are pressed for time. They don’t want to hear stories about your wildest parties, or how you met your wife. They have other candidates to interview. So speak when asked. And keep your replies precise and professional.

Discuss Salary and Vacation Time, Unless Asked

Salary, vacation days, promotion timelines, etc. are things that you get out of the organisation. But the interview you’re in are about things the organisation can get out of you. So unless asked, don’t broach these topics.

Discuss Why You Were Fired From Your Last Job

If you were fired from your last job, don’t elaborate on the details. Just say – there was no scope of development in that last job of yours. So you and that employer parted ways mutually. Mention the same on your resume as well.

Talk on the Phone

Don’t excuse yourself during the interview to take a call. Better yet, switch off your phone and then go inside for the interview. There is no excuse in the world that condones the use of phone during your job interview, unless there is a member of the interviewing team on the line for you.

Say You Don’t Have Any Questions For Them

At the end of every job interview, the interviewer asks you if you have any questions for him (or his team). This is the time to show your interest in working for their company. Ask questions – doesn’t have to be intelligent ones but steer clear of any dumb ones. Never say you don’t have any questions for them. That just means you are not really interested in the job.

Over to you..

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