The 3 Deadly Dieting Mistakes

weight lossWhen you’re dieting, you want to see fast results. Experts recommend combining a good diet with a regular workout routine to achieve desired results. But even when things are going as planned, you might not see any results. Here are the 3 deadly dieting mistakes you should avoid to allow your weight loss dieting plans to work more efficiently:

Dieting Mistake #1 – Drinking Less Water.

Drinking 8 glasses of water per day is mandatory, whether you’re dieting or not. But don’t drink too much water at one time – it can make you feel full at eating hours and then force you to binge at odd hours, hence destroying your diet plan. In severe cases of drinking too much water, water intoxication can also occur.

Dieting Mistake #2 – Crash Dieting.

Whichever diet plan you’re following, it’s important to remember that you NEED TO EAT. On an average, you should be having small meals 4-6 times a day to support your workout routine and lose weight safely.

If you aren’t eating properly, or crash dieting, your body is going to miss the essential nutrients to keep it going, and will ultimately shut down, which basically means you’ll faint. And then you have to say goodbye to your weight loss dieting plans for a while until you’re back on your feet.

Dieting Mistake #3 – No Supporting Physical Activity.

When you’re eating less, your body’s metabolism goes down to energy savings mode. Hence you tend to burn less calories, hence slowing down the entire weight loss process. But with a suitable workout, your body tends to get used to the new routine. Your body’s metabolism is jump started, and your weight loss dieting plans can work more efficiently.

So those were the 3 deadly dieting mistakes. Avoid these mistakes and you’ll be on your way to lose weight safely and keep it off as long as you’re leading a healthy lifestyle.

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