weight lossHey you! It’s been a bad week so far. My baby got sick, then I got sick, and this sickness spell has completely screwed up my daily schedule. But one thing has kept me sane – stretching my body till I can stretch no mo’
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So you want to lose 10 kilos within 2 months. That’s not a bad weight loss goal actually. But the point is – will your body allow you to lose 10 kilos? Follow these 5 steps to lose weight safely, and keep it off for good.

Step 1 – Analyze Your Body

First, figure out your lean body weight. This is the weight of your bones and muscles. If you ever go below this weight, your body will suffer a lot of damage.
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weight lossYour weight loss plan can be quite a struggle. In fact, there might be many instances when you would just want to give up, and fall back into your old routine. It might be because you feel tired of your diet plan or workout routine, or maybe because you aren’t seeing any conclusive weight loss results from all your hard work. Whatever reason you might have, here’s how to stick to your weight loss plan without giving it up:

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weight lossThere are many ways you can try to lose weight – diet, exercise, weight-loss medication, even surgery. In this post, I’m going to talk about how to lose weight by using the right workout routines. Here are the top 4 workout routines you can try at home to lose weight:

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