Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It covers and protects your entire body. It allows you the luxury of the sense of touch. Plus when you take care of your skin, you not only look great, you feel great too. And that’s why you need skin care.

Start With Cleansing
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anks image otherTo maintain younger looking skin, Anks Image provides you with simple basic skincare routines, guaranteed to work in sync with your skin’s natural abilities and give you more healthy and glowing skin.
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Last Updated: 15th August 2020

assess your skin type anksimage

Studies show most men and women suffer from skin problems like acne, dehydration, wrinkles, dullness, etc. because they use the wrong type of skincare products for their skin. This mainly happens due to the wrong evaluation of their skin type. In this post, we have compiled checklists, according to several skin types, to help you figure out your skin type correctly and make informed decisions while purchasing skincare products suitable for your skin.

To determine your skin type, follow these steps:

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