business-groomingResume writing is the process of getting a good resume to make the right impression on the recruiter or hiring manager to land your dream job. However, you first need to find out where to apply, or what is the right time to apply at the company of your choice. And that can happen only through networking. Thanks to online social networking sites, job networking has become more simplified to expedite your job search.

Today, you can use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as part of your job search plan. Here are some of the important points to keep in mind when using social networking to expose your resume: Read more

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business-groomingIf you haven’t signed up for LinkedIn yet, here’s something to help you decide if LinkedIn can help you with your job search, or not. In this digital age, here’s how to take advantage of LinkedIn as your resume.

Build Your LinkedIn Profile

Enter details in your LinkedIn profile about your work experience, education, skills, links to your online works (if any), and so on. Pretty much the same kind of information you have listed in your resume already. Just keep in mind not to make any unnecessary bold claims about who you are and what you do for a living. Read more