handwriting analysisOkay, so you’ve read my articles on how to detect an extrovert person, and how to detect an introvert person. But you might be wondering what’s the use of detecting such personality traits in anyone? How does detecting extroversion or introversion benefit you, right? Well, here is the post where I’ve compiled what extroversion and introversion traits are really like, and what you can do with these different types of personality types in your life.

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handwriting analysisWebster’s Dictionary defines introversion as an attitude where the person directs his interests to his own thoughts, experiences and feelings, rather than what’s happening around him. Hence this person tends to be more shy and likes to be left alone to his or her own thoughts and feelings. And of course, this introversion behavior is evident in the person’s handwriting as well.

Here are the top 3 signs of introversion you can detect in someone’s handwriting:

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