business-groomingNobody likes getting fired. But it can happen to the best of us. Maybe it’s the economy, or because of new management. But now you have to move on and get another job. And here’s the tricky part – what to write in your resume if you’ve been fired from your last job?

Your resume, cover letter, application form, every document that has to do with your job application should be positive. There should NOT be any mention of you getting fired from the last job. However, there might be instances where you have to talk about it, like: Read more

handwriting analysisUsing Handwriting Analysis for recruiting new employees is becoming more popular every day. You can use handwriting analysis to get a complete personality report about your candidates before or after a face-to-face interview. This report can help you shortlist candidates before an interview, or help you compare what you experienced during the interview against the personality report of the candidate to decide if the candidate is a good fit for your organization.

If you’re thinking of using handwriting analaysis for recruiting new employees before an interview, here are the steps you need to follow: Read more