The Prince danced with Cinderella for hours till midnight every night for three nights. Yet when he came to Cinderella’s house to see whose feet the glass slipper fit, he couldn’t recognize Cinderella in her rags. Thankfully for Cinderella, she had the other slipper to convince the Prince and the others that she, indeed, was the one with whom the Prince had fallen in love with. And without her Fairy Godmother prepping her for the Prince’s ball, she never would have had a chance in her own happily-ever-after ever.

In today’s times, the Fairy Godmother is equivalent to an Image Consultant. Cinderella needed Fairy Godmother to enable people to see how beautiful she was inside as well as outside. Likewise, everyone needs a Fairy Godmother, a.k.a. an Image Consultant. Your Image Consultant can show you what to wear, how to behave, where to shop, and whatever that makes the others around you realize and appreciate who you really are.

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