personal-opinionWe’ve talked about how image consulting can help you achieve a better understanding of yourself, high levels of confidence, more success in life, and all that without having the fear of being judged, pitied or ridiculed. And here’s the final, if not most important, reason to hire an image consultant:

Cost effective.

An Image Consultant is NOT your agony aunt. Read more

personal-opinionWhat’s the one thing stopping you from seeking an image consultation?

Fear of judgement.

I know. I felt the same way, and that’s what most of my clients feel before they come in for a consultation. They fear they’ll be judged for their actions, ridiculed for their mistakes, pitied for being in certain situations, and what not. I understand. But you also have to understand that’s not what image consulting is about. Our job as image consultants is to help you deal with your problems without belittling, or even making you feel conscious about your issues in our presence. Read more

personal-opinionHow you perceive yourself might be far cry from who you really are. Or worse, it might be the opposite of how others perceive you. In order to make sure you understand yourself correctly, and make others see you the way you want to be seen, you should try image consulting. While achieving a better understanding of yourself and boosting your self-confidence are reasons good enough to schedule an image consultation (previous posts – part 1 & part 2), here is yet another important reason why you should hire an image consultant.

Better package, more confidence, hence more success. Read more

personal-opinionHiring an image consultant is an important decision. Sometimes you don’t even realize you need one in the first place. As evident from my first post in this series, the most important reason to hire an image consultant is to increase knowledge about your own person. And here is another important reason why I chose to work with an image consultant:

To achieve high level of confidence. Read more

personal-opinionSo you want the 5 reasons to hire an image consultant, right? Let me help you out.

This post is not about me as an image consultant. I’ve actually gone through an image consultation for myself with a renowned image consultant in New York City seven years ago. Hence, this post is about the reasons why I chose to hire an image consultant.

Reason 1. To increase knowledge about your own person. Read more