business-groomingYou are confident with your resume. Whether you hired any resume writing services, or you did it on your own, you feel good about your resume. That’s nice. But have you decided how to submit your resume?

We belong in the Online Age, so let’s talk about submitting your resume online. There are many ways to submit your resume online. For the purpose of this article, I’m going to help you on how to submit a resume via email.

Some of the points you might want to keep in mind when submitting your resume via email are: Read more

business-groomingIn resume writing, everyone follows a pretty standard format – objective at the top, followed by summary, education, qualifications, skills, and so on. The format of a good resume is simple, but how you use the different sections on your resume to highlight your worthiness for the given job is the key to land that dream job. To help you out, here are some of the best things to say on a resume:

Start With A Clear-Cut Objective Read more

business-groomingThe objective of your resume is to grab the attention of the employer. However, this doesn’t mean you provide false or incomplete information on your resume, especially regarding your previous work experience. Here are some tips on how to list previous work experience, and draft a good resume to land your dream job. Read more

business-groomingResume writing isn’t simple – that’s what I always say. When you pay attention and optimize each word and sentence in your resume, you can hope for a good resume at hand to apply and land your dream job. Each section in your resume is important, be it your objective, education, achievements, etc. So what kind of achievements should you include in your resume?

Well, since I can’t comply with everyone’s requests in one single post, let me give you the list of 4 things NOT to include in the achievements’ section of your resume:
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business-groomingIf it’s the first time you are applying for a job, it’s possible you can’t think of any qualifications to mention in your resume or CV (curriculum vitae). Whether you are in high school, or changing your career track, this post guides you about writing a CV when you have no qualifications.

Most times, prospective employers are willing to overlook the absence of qualifications in your CV, provided you are still in high school. If you’re in high school and looking to land your first job, you should take inspiration from your school work and personal interests to list out your qualifications.
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business-groomingNeed a jaw dropping resume to get that elusive interview call? Find the 3 tips for writing a jaw dropping resume and cover letter, and get the job you want.

Resume writing doesn’t sound difficult, but here’s the inside scoop on resume writing – it’s actually difficult! It’s an art to write a good resume to get you that ever-eluding interview call for the job you want. Here are 3 tips for writing a jaw dropping resume and cover letter.
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