Last Updated: 6th April 2020

ultimate cheatsheet business wear anksimage

Here is my ultimate cheat sheet on business wear. This is for the ladies in the corporate world, who want to look dignified and command respect without intimidating others. Read more

color-analysisBusiness wear is an important element of your professional image. You want to be taken seriously at work, so you plan your business wear accordingly. But it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your personal style. With color analysis, you can stick to your personal style while dressing appropriately for work.

Start with color analysis to find the colors that suit you. With slight modifications in your choice of colors for your business wear, you can turn a “blah” outfit to a “wow” one. You can add more versatility in your wardrobe with these colors. And if you have any after-work plans, you can also avoid going through the hassle of going home, changing outfits and leaving home again.

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