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What do you do when your mind seems about to explode? When you have to stand upright even though the weight of the world is on your shoulders? When you slyly reach out to scan your pulse rate fearing the onslaught of nervous talk and sweaty palms?

You calm yourself down.
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There are many ways to beat stress, and if you follow an active lifestyle, you’re going to love beating stress with workouts. And I’m not just talking about Yoga, there are many kick-ass workouts available from which you can pick and choose your favorite mode to beat stress.

Why Beat Stress At All?

Some say stress is good for your health. It moves you forward, makes you cautious of your actions, and sometimes even propels you to action. But constant stress can put a strain on your health – physical and mental.

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Last Updated: 27th March 2020

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Yoga is about holding your body in different positions while breathing normally. Stretching your muscles and internal organs helps you beat stress, lose weight, and get stay fit. So add yoga to your lifestyle to live a more fulfilling life. Yoga workouts release endorphins in your body that beat stress. The breathing during these routines also calms your mind, which further helps you beat stress.

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