skills anksimageWhen you’re running your own company, it becomes imperative you manage, or at least understand, each and every little detail of your business to succeed more at work. Read on for ways to improve business and excel at your line of work.
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style anksimageA person’s looks can make or break her image. You might be forgiven if you’re wearing your jammies at home. But your image will suffer if you show up at your office in your pyjamas, right? Read more

So you want to lose 10 kilos within 2 months. That’s not a bad weight loss goal actually. But the point is – will your body allow you to lose 10 kilos? Follow these 5 steps to lose weight safely, and keep it off for good.

Step 1 – Analyze Your Body

First, figure out your lean body weight. This is the weight of your bones and muscles. If you ever go below this weight, your body will suffer a lot of damage.
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Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It covers and protects your entire body. It allows you the luxury of the sense of touch. Plus when you take care of your skin, you not only look great, you feel great too. And that’s why you need skin care.

Start With Cleansing
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Keep A Check On Your Online Image anksimage

Whenever I get some time, I “Google” my name to see what’s listed for me. Whatever is out there is basically my online reputation (my online image) something that my prospective clients would research before hiring me as a consultant. And for the same reason, I often “Google” my company’s name – AnksImage – as well.

  • Where does my name (or my company’s name) show up?
  • Are the search results even remotely related to any spam sites?
  • How old is the information listed in these links?
  • And (heaven forbid!) is there any negative comment or information about me (or my company) listed in these links?
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Last Updated: 6th November 2020

beat stress with workouts anksimage
Beat Stress with Workouts

There are many ways to beat stress, and if you follow an active lifestyle, you’re going to love beating stress with workouts. And I’m not just talking about Yoga, there are many kick-ass workouts available from which you can pick and choose your favorite mode to beat stress.

Why Beat Stress At All?

Some say stress is good for your health. It moves you forward, makes you cautious of your actions, and sometimes even propels you to action. But constant stress can put a strain on your health – physical and mental.

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