You pay oodles of money to take care of your skin.  Anks Image brings you options in skin care, which you can obtain right from your kitchen.

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Last Updated: 15th August 2020

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Studies show most men and women suffer from skin problems like acne, dehydration, wrinkles, dullness, etc. because they use the wrong type of skincare products for their skin. This mainly happens due to the wrong evaluation of their skin type. In this post, we have compiled checklists, according to several skin types, to help you figure out your skin type correctly and make informed decisions while purchasing skincare products suitable for your skin.

To determine your skin type, follow these steps:

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health and wellnessConstant tiredness, or feeling more tired than usual without any apparent reason means you are suffering from fatigue. Some of the factors leading to fatigue are described below. By understanding these factors, we can find ways to avoid them and lead a more comfortable life.

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personal-groomingHot weather’s coming up and it’s a sure shot body odor issues will hit you as well as the people around you. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just your sweat making you smelly, it’s actually what you are eating. So next time you pop something into your mouth, think how it will affect your personal hygiene as well as your overall health. And if you smoke cigarettes, it’s just an add-on to your problems since tobacco releases a ghastly stench through the pores in your skin as a by-product.

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Post Updated: 14th October 2017

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Companies entice prospects with free samples/sessions, discounts, money-back guarantees, and so on. This increases sales and improves company profits. Another easy way to increase profits is to train your employees in the right manner. You have to train them on how to respond to your customers, talk about your product, and the like. Also important is what can (and can not) be published online.

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