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Post Updated: 14th October 2017

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Companies entice prospects with free samples/sessions, discounts, money-back guarantees, and so on. This increases sales and improves company profits. Another easy way to increase profits is to train your employees in the right manner. You have to train them on how to respond to your customers, talk about your product, and the like. Also important is what can (and can not) be published online.

Some of the biggest turn offs for prospects are:

  • the salesperson talking in an abrupt and/or irritated manner
  • the salesperson speaking in a fake voice to sound more pleasing
  • the salesperson being too aggressive or annoyingly pleasing
  • the salesperson not making eye contact
  • the salesperson not being able to provide the information the customer wants
  • the salesperson speaking in an incoherent manner, especially over the telephone
  • the salesperson starting or ending a conversation with a long recital

Customers have many options to choose from. Think from the customer’s perspective. If I don’t like what you are offering, I can go straight to your competitors.

So who suffers? You, not the customer.

And why? Bad communication between two persons.

Here are some tips I can share with you to resolve this:

  • Train your employees about your products/services, esp. the bestsellers and special offers
  • Offer discounts and perks to your sales team. These perks can be claimed upon high ratings from customers only.
  • Monitor employees who have direct contact with any customers or prospects
  • Track the productivity of your sales force on a regular basis. This should give you an idea if anybody should be replaced or not

Over to you..

Communication plays a huge role in any purchasing decision. Big and small. While you don’t have any control on what a customer or prospect will want, you can train your team to perform well. And we can help. We can set up protocols in your organization to avoid mishaps due to bad communication. Drop us a line today to understand how we can improve your business.

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