Social Networking And Your Resume

business-groomingResume writing is the process of getting a good resume to make the right impression on the recruiter or hiring manager to land your dream job. However, you first need to find out where to apply, or what is the right time to apply at the company of your choice. And that can happen only through networking. Thanks to online social networking sites, job networking has become more simplified to expedite your job search.

Today, you can use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as part of your job search plan. Here are some of the important points to keep in mind when using social networking to expose your resume:

Be Careful What You Tweet Or Post

You don’t have to run a spell check every time you tweet or post, but you do have to keep in mind whatever you have tweeted or posted will be online forever. Abusive language, gossiping, nude pictures, sexual overtones, and the like can raise red flags for prospective employers.

Don’t Use Company Time To Tweet Or Post

If you’re not supposed to be online at work, then avoid tweeting or posting online just in case your boss might see it. As you might have noticed, tweets and posts all have time-stamps, so it’s quite easy to figure out who’s online at what times.

Quantity Is Not Quality

When you’re networking in Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, it’s easy to lose your credibility if you become friends with everyone, connect with everyone, or follow everyone. It’s just not done. When you’re interested in a potential friend, connection or follower, look up the other person to see if he/she is at all related to your industry, school, university, club, anything to suggest any relevance between you and the other person.

Randomly connecting with everyone will definitely increase the number of friends, followers or connections, but you won’t be establish your own niche. Hence, your online presence will be confusing to your prospective employers.

Check Privacy Settings

This is BIG. If you haven’t done so already, Google yourself, or look yourself up in any other online search engine of your choice. Take a look at the results to see what any prospective employer gets to see when they are looking you up online.

If you find mistakes (trust me, there will be a few), go to the particular website to correct those. You might have to sign up for services, but hey, it’s your name at stake here, so I don’t think a few minutes setting up your account and correcting misleading data about yourself will hurt you.

Facebook has explicit privacy settings, so do keep a track of that as well.

So here were some of the important points to keep in mind when using social networking to expose your resume. To understand how you can benefit from social networking to land your dream job, get free career consultation from Anks Image now.

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