handwriting analysisWebster’s Dictionary defines introversion as an attitude where the person directs his interests to his own thoughts, experiences and feelings, rather than what’s happening around him. Hence this person tends to be more shy and likes to be left alone to his or her own thoughts and feelings. And of course, this introversion behavior is evident in the person’s handwriting as well.

Here are the top 3 signs of introversion you can detect in someone’s handwriting:

1. Small Letters.

Small is the key to understand introversion. The smaller the writing, the more self-contained the writer. Hence, more into his or her thoughts and feelings, rather than being affected by others around them. Small letters is also evident of their nature of avoiding any obvious attention, as opposed to extroverts.

2. Simple Writing Style.

By “simple writing style”, I basically mean the introvert person writes in an unassuming simple manner, where there are no huge attention-seeking alphabets or slants, and definitely small sized letters. The introvert person doesn’t necessarily care about what others think about them, or their writing. Although this style of writing can’t be termed as “normal”, it does avoid seeking attention, and hence depicts the shy nature of the writer.

3. Restrained Writing.

Picture the loops on a “d” or a “p”, or even a “y”. In an introvert person’s writing, these loops won’t be loops at all. It’ll just be lines. Most times, the letters are not just small, they might appear narrow as well. Hence, the introversion nature spills onto paper, showcasing the restricted, and usually “uptight” nature of the writer. Do keep in mind, introverts don’t necessarily try to blend in, they just don’t care about seeking attention or approval. So this type of writing can’t be deemed “normal”, maybe just “restrained”.

Now use these 3 signs to figure out the introverts around you. Remember, an introvert person doesn’t necessarily enjoy the limelight, or even being in a crowd. So if you want to have a better relationship with such a person, keep the introversion characteristics in mind to avoid any issues.

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  1. ABCD says:

    I am an introvert and I write in a ‘left slant’ style. My words are like sometimes connected and sometimes there’s a huge space between them. Sometimes I use big letters but that is when it comes to writing my secret journal. Other times, I feel like the words might feel shy if they show too much. 😓

  2. Patricia Weber says:

    Oh dear. This doesn’t stand true for me and I am an INTJ. Maybe you could tell us about any exceptions?

    • AnksImage says:

      For those who’re not familiar with INTJ, it simply means a person having introvert intuition with extrovert thinking, basically an amalgamation of introversion and extroversion.

      Patricia – While I can’t possibly list the exceptions for an INTJ here, I’d be happy to perform an analysis of your handwriting. You can use our contact form at https://www.anksimage.com/site/contact to better discuss your requirement with me.



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