handwriting analysisWebster’s Dictionary defines extroversion as an attitude where the person directs his interests to what’s happening around him, not his own experiences and feelings. Hence this person tends to be more active and expressive than others. And this extroversion behavior is not just evident in the way this person behaves, it’s also very noticeable in his handwriting too. With handwriting analysis, you can detect extroversion in a person’s writing without even meeting that person.

Here are the top 3 signs of extroversion you can detect in someone’s handwriting:

1. Large Letters.

This is something you already expected, didn’t you? I mean, just the size of a person’s writing can easily tell anybody (who’s not even dealing in handwriting analysis) how outgoing the writer is. The larger the writing, the more outgoing and lively the writer usually is. This person tends to make their presence known more obviously through this large handwriting.

2. Huge “I” or Huge Signature.

A person’s “I” (capital “i”) is his or her personal self-image. This shows how big and important the person thinks about himself or herself. And a person’s signautre is his or her public self-image. This shows how big and important the person thinks others perceive him or her as. So you can easily guess that if a person’s “I” or signature is huge, it directly indicates the extroversion nature of the writer. This huge writing is associated with pride, confidence, and success, something which is rarely evident in shy, or introvert persons.

3. Heavy Pressure.

Pressure is the amount of force you exert while writing with a pen or pencil. Ever notice the bumps behind your writing when you turn over the paper? The more bumpier it feels, the more heavy writer you are.

How heavy you write shows the intensity of your appetites and desires in life. Having said that, an extrovert person tends to write with a heavy hand, thus indicating his or her greater self-assertion. Extroverts tend to express their own importance, wishes, needs, opinions, and the like with more aggression than a non-extrovert.

Try it out on your handwriting, and see what you can find out. Or use it on your extrovert friend, and see how true these signs are.

And wait! This type of handwriting analysis is not just for fun. Yes, you can have loads of fun figuring out people through their handwriting, but there are real time uses of handwriting analysis as well.

If you can figure out the extroversion in your friend, colleague, or even your client, you can understand how to deal with this person a whole lot better than usual. Extroverts tend to make friends more easily, prefer to sleep late, seek limelight, and so on. Understanding this can help you build a better relationship with this extrovert person, rather than risking the relationship.

To understand how to understand someone better through their handwriting, contact me now. You can receive a complete personality analysis within 48 hours.

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