5 Things Every Woman Should Do at the Gym

Last Updated: 31st March 2020

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Gym is the place where you must follow rules of etiquette and courtesy to have a pleasant experience while you’re working out. You would want to exercise in peace, not be offended or disgusted by others around you.

The best gym advice I can shell out is a combination of the 8 things NOT to do at the gym and these 5 things every woman should do at the gym..

Carry A Towel

The best thing you can do at the gym is to pack a couple of towels in your gym bag, and carry one once you start working out. Wipe your sweat, don’t let it fall on the equipment. Wipe down the equipment if you are leaving behind sweat.

Sweat is good as long as you are sweating it out for your fitness. It’s immeasurably disgusting when it belongs to another human being.

Be Clean

First, don’t pee in the gym shower. Do I really need to go into this? It’s pretty straightforward, don’t you think so?

And wear slippers in the locker room and the gym bathroom. You don’t have any idea what disgusting things might have happened in the locker room and the gym bathroom. You certainly don’t know how efficient the cleaning crew is. So why take any chances. So just wear your slippers.

Make Less Noise

If you have a tendency to grunt while lifting heavy weights, or huff and puff during cardio routines, remember not to be noisy. Of course you can’t help making those noises, but you can put a check on it and not be overtly noisy.

And if you have a tendency to sing along with the tunes you are listening through your earphones, then please do NOT sing. It’s distracting to those around you.

No Staring

Staring at others whilst they are working out can distract them enough to make them lose their form and maybe even cause bodily harm. Plus it’s just rude to stare at others.

Exercise. Exercise. Exercise.

Now when you’re in the gym (finally!), the best thing you can do is to exercise. And exercise well.

If you have your own plans and routines on how to exercise, how much weight to lose, or the fitness level you want to achieve, go ahead and work out on your own.

If there is any doubt, ask at the front desk for some pointers. Or you could finally get help from the personal trainer who is available for exactly this purpose. So don’t waste your gym membership. Get moving!

Over to you..

These are the 5 things every woman should do at the gym. However, do remember that others might not be as courteous as you are. But just because others can be pigs doesn’t mean you lower yourself to their pathetic level. So be awesome and be the best of who you are when you’re at the gym, or anywhere really.


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