Resume Writing – What Kind of Achievements Should You Include in Your Resume

business-groomingResume writing isn’t simple – that’s what I always say. When you pay attention and optimize each word and sentence in your resume, you can hope for a good resume at hand to apply and land your dream job. Each section in your resume is important, be it your objective, education, achievements, etc. So what kind of achievements should you include in your resume?

Well, since I can’t comply with everyone’s requests in one single post, let me give you the list of 4 things NOT to include in the achievements’ section of your resume:

1. Don’t include your high school achievements, unless of course you are in high school.

2. Avoid mentioning any pie-eating or beer-guzzling contents, or anything of that sort. It’s just not right to include those – it’s strictly personal.

3. Stay away from writing your hobbies, unless you’re earning a lot from your hobbies. If your prospective employer is interested in your hobbies, you’ll get to discuss those in the interview.

4. And finally, there’s no room for sports or games, unless you’re playing at a professional level. Even local tournaments are fine, but if you’re playing casually at your or your friend’s place, then it’s a complete no-no.

So, now do you realize what kind of achievements you should include in your resume? Your achievements help your prospective employer define you on paper, and evaluate how you can benefit the organization. Hence, it’s important to list achievements related to the position you are applying for.

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