ReBoot Camp

Because being on a sabbatical doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch in your career path.

Why ReBoot Camp?

Get in the Zone

A break from work, whether planned or unplanned, can disrupt our lifestyle. And once you are ready to go back to work, that disruption happens again. We can work with you to get you in the right frame of mind to deal with work and life as you know it.

Land that Dream Job

Getting back to work starts with the right frame of mind. Then you start taking the technical steps like updating your resume and social profiles, starting a job search, and what not. We will be there at every step, to guide you land your dream job!

Work-Life Integration

Once you are back at work after a break, it can be difficult to establish a work-life balance. We can introduce you to a work-life integration instead. We can help you become more productive, use time more efficiently and so on.

What to Expect at ReBoot Camp?

Building Confidence

Restarting your career is an important endeavour in your life. Sometimes you need an extra pair of hands or a friendly ear to help you move forward in your journey.

And that’s what Ankitaa does.

She will be there to build your confidence, coach you on networking, productivity, time management, technical skills, and more.

Image Consultation

As you get ready to go back to the corporate world, mind your ABC. That is,
A – Appearance
B – Behavior
C – Communication Skills

Your image should be on point to be able to land your dream job. And that’s where we come in. We make you aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

We prepare you to face life head-on.


Ankitaa has mentored women and men via Quora and LinkedIn for over 5 years now. She can guide you along this new and challenging journey you wish to embark.

She can help you with choosing the right job to apply for, where to apply, how to spruce up your resume, prep you for upcoming interviews, and more.

If you are pursuing similar interests, she can help you get started with careers in content writing, web design, social media, and SEO.

Why Choose AnksImage for ReBoot Camp?


Ankitaa has been through a few sabbaticals of her own. She understands the struggle of having to restart your career path from scratch. Over and over again, without the proper guidance.


Ankitaa knows the feelings of uncertainty, doubts, desperation and helplessness that happens when embarking on a new chapter of your life’s journey. She wants to reduce your struggles by sharing her own experience.


Ankitaa is a certified Image Consultant and Life Coach. She will guide you the whole time once you decide to restart your career. It’s not going to be easy. It’s definitely going to be frustrating. But she will be there for you.

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