Is Your Procrastination Causing You Trouble?

Last Updated: 6th April 2020

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Procrastination in any form is bad. There might be different reasons why you might be procrastinating, either at work, outside work, or worse, both. But you have to control it because one way or other, your procrastination IS causing you troubles.

You might procrastinate for many reasons. After working with people from different backgrounds, here are some common reasons why you might be procrastinating.

You Are Afraid of the Outcome

How about this – you are putting off getting on the weighing scale to check your weight because you are afraid you might not have lost the number of pounds you are hoping for, right?

That’s procrastination, alright!

There’s Always Something Better to Do Instead

You are not sitting at your desk filing the paper work you need to do because you would rather be outside working on your tasks, hands-on. That too is a classic example of procrastination.

You Can’t Help It

You are a lazy bum! Sorry, there’s no delicate way of putting this. You just can’t help yourself because you are not motivated enough. But think about this – no one else will do your job, live your life for you. You have to do it yourself.

So here are my tips to avoid procrastination:

Get Help

No, not the psychiatric type. I mean, get help from your loved one. Designate your spouse or partner or friend to get you moving, even if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like asking for help.

It’s for your own good, so get moving!

Make Lists

List your tasks in paper or on your computer and print it out. Stick it some place where you will regularly see it. Annoy yourself into completing these tasks.

Motivate Yourself

The only person in the world who knows what motivates you to get off that couch is YOU.

So plan your tasks according to your motivations. Schedule breaks, fun outings, family times, whatever comes to your mind to motivate yourself to complete a task and then reward yourself in your own way.

Do you have any suggestions? How do you break your procrastination era? Let me know and I’ll highlight them in my Facebook page at


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1 thought on “Is Your Procrastination Causing You Trouble?”

  1. Procrastination is my biggest enemy, if I just did what I say I’m going to do I believe I would be very successful by now but I always procrastinate and tell myself I need to learn more. find out more and it gets me to the point that I’m so overwhelmed and often confused with the information over load that I just give up. I need to learn to start taking action, thanks for your help!

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