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AnksImage offers image consulting or reputation management services for women, and businesses worldwide. We work with brands to upgrade their image in the public eye. We also work with individuals to enhance their physical appearance and professional conduct. As of 2013, we have focused on digital marketing solutions for organizations worldwide.

AnksImage and Digital Marketing

Your brand image is what other people think of you based on:

> what they see,
> what they hear about you, and
> what they understand after getting to know you
With Internet and mobile browsing, your brand is now more closer to your audience. So with the right digital marketing strategies, you can:
> increase your brand presence
> engage with the right audience for your product/service
> become a part of your community
> position yourself as a market leader
At AnksImage, we work with you and your team to:
> build your customer persona
> design the right digital marketing strategies to drive more profits in your business
> use, track and analyze these strategies to show you what’s working, what’s not, and how to keep growing

AnksImage and Ankitaa Gohain Dalmia

Ankitaa founded AnksImage in 2008, after moving back to India in late 2007. She is a Computer Engineer from Michigan Technological University. She started her career in Business Intelligence Reporting at Fisher-Price in East Aurora. She channeled her experience in web development and writing to build AnksImage. By 2009, she was proficient in SEO as well social media marketing strategies. Her assignment with a London firm helped her break into the digital marketing arena. And then there was no looking back!
She now works with businesses in US, India, and China on digital marketing. She also writes for online and print publications, and mentors women to excel at work and life. Connect with her on LinkedIn now.

Over to you..

Digital marketing, when done right, can make your business more successful. Ankitaa and her team have been in digital marketing for almost a decade now. They can provide high-impact low-cost digital marketing solutions for your brand. And all you have to do is drop us a line here. Write to us now!
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