my opinion anksimageYes, it’s that time of the year again. Time to make new resolutions… or at least renew the vows taken last year. So what’s your new year resolution(s)? Do you even make new year resolutions?

Some of the most common resolutions are:

Lose weight

Learn something new

Quality time with family and friends

and last but not the least..

Quit smoking/drinking (or both)

So what’s yours?

I definitely want to start with spending more quality time with family and friends, because in the past year, I’ve realized, has been a blur. I want to live every moment of my life and the best way to do that is spend it with my family and friends. So I’m up for that.

If you’re thinking of pledging for losing weight or getting more fit, then I strongly suggest designating a buddy for this. From my own personal experience and of those around me, I strongly believe a weight loss plan, or get-fit plan can only work when you have a buddy to push you along the plan. What do you think?

Many people like to pledge for learning something new like photography, adrenaline sports, swimming, playing the piano, and what not! Whichever skill you want to learn, try to stick to the plan. If your “something new” skill is not related to your work or family, it’s sometimes difficult to dedicate the time this skill might need from you. So pick wisely and stick to the plan.

And finally, if you are quitting smoking, or drinking, or preferably both, just accept that it’s going to be long and bumpy ride. You need a buddy. Family and friends can be a strong support in times of need when you’re about to have a relapse, so be sure to announce your intentions and ask them for support. You will need it.

Good luck with your new year resolutions!!

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