personal-opinionI did the time. I did the math. And I used the drops. I was ready for LASIK. And the day finally arrived. My goal was simple – I wanted to see my baby without tugging on my glasses everytime I felt like it.

LASIK is a vision correction invasive procedure, which depends on a number of factors (see my previous post – LASIK: Before The Surgery). I was eligible for LASIK and I had the time, so I went for it.

It was a Thursday. My father and husband accompanied me to the eye hospital where I was scheduled for LASIK at noon. We were there by 11:30 AM. It was 12:30 PM by the time we had signed the forms and made the payments when we found out that due to some scheduling issues, my turn will be at 3 PM. Aaah.. How frustrating! Thankfully my husband is a pretty chilled-out character and makes it impossible for me to pout too much. So we all waited. Papa even went and had some business meeting regarding his ongoing project.

The clock struck 3 but no one beckoned us to move on to the LASIK lab for the surgery. A little before 3:30, a guy literally rushed me to the lab. Papa and hubby were not allowed. I was told to sit in the only chair in the room. Then he dumped eye drops on my eyes, made me take off my glasses and scooted me off to an inner room. I’m highly myopic, so from this point, it was all a blur to me. He helped me into a hospital gown, folded my hair into a hair net and again scooted me into another inner room filled with people in masks and surgical gowns. When my doctor greeted me, then I finally realized that the moment is NOW.

Doc told me lie down on a chair which resembled those chairs at the dentist’s. It was freezing in that room and lying down made me even more cold. She placed a cold metallic doodad on my nose and mouth and wrapped my face in plastic. That is one scary moment. For a moment I thought I would suffocate. Then she pierced the plastic and I realized I can breathe through that metallic doodad. She started with my right eye. The drops that were given to me just before entering this room were local anasthetic drops. So I couldn’t feel a thing, except heaviness instead of pain. She put my eye in braces so I couldn’t blink and close them during the procedure, and then the liquid bath started. I saw at least 3 hands pouring liquids into my eye while Doc used a pen-shaped doodad to do her thang.

Then the next scary moment happened. She said she will take the eye pressure. She put this cylindrical type doodad on my eye and literally ground it into my eye. That was the only painful part I know of in this whole tale. I screamed out. Doc was great. She talked me through the pain. I remember I was so tense my shoulders started paining. I was so scared I asked Doc to tell someone to hold my hand. I didn’t care who it was but may God bless the guy who held my hand in those moments. He let go after a few minutes but by then I was okay and didn’t want to sound too whiny.

Doc continued doing her thang with her pen doodad, then pushed an overhead hangar over me. Told me to concentrate on the green light. And I did, while smelling burning flesh. It may be my overactive imagination but I swear I smelled burning flesh. She took it off and did her thang in the liquid bath again and I was done.

Same thing to left eye and I was done. Next up – LASIK: The Post-Op Care

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