my opinion anksimage“Be careful what you wish for..” – that’s a nice saying, and so true too! What you think you want may NOT be what you were expecting to get, and nowadays more often than not, we get to experience life in the most unexpected manner – some good while some really try our patience. It’s just not black or white anymore.

Just the other day I watched the movie “Maleficent” starring Angelina Jolie. It was long overdue and I just happened to catch it on TataSky Showcase, so I immediately placed the order. I was excited how “evil” Angelina Jolie would be as the movie’s namesake. Oh boy, was I in for a surprise!

Nowadays everyone wants to be so “real” that gone are the days when evil meant bad guys and heroes meant the good ones. I mean, Maleficent is supposed to be this evil kicka$$ witch who put a little sweet princess to sleep for eras, hence the fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty”. And what did the movie do? It had to show why and how Maleficent became evil. Sorry, not even evil. They didn’t even try.. The most evil she got was how high and pointy her cheekbones were!

And this is not all. Have you watched the latest Batman series? Heroes have not been spared too. Christian Bale as the legendary caped crusader now has flaws. Ooh.. He’s so emotional.. Yes, he bleeds.. And oh yeah! He gets his a$$ kicked by sidey villains too! I mean, for godsakes, he’s Batman!! He’s not supposed to be weak, second guess himself and definitely not get his a$$ kicked from here to Timbuktoo!

Now don’t even get me started on the latest Bond movies starring Daniel Craig. Boohoo.. That girl fooled me, now I’m heartbroken and want to give up everything. For me, Pierce Brosnan is the best James Bond EVER! Did he cry? Did he get so wrapped up in himself and his emotions that villains can kick his a$$? No, certainly not!

What has the world come to? Heroes are supposed to be heroes, saving people, strutting their stuff, romancing their opposites and all. And villains are supposed to be villains, devising plans to destroy people, destroy New York City (isn’t that like the ultimate destination for villains? Everything from alien invasion to mass destruction device detonation are meant for NYC), kidnap the hero’s love, basically wreak havoc until vanquished by the great hero.

And somewhere in this psychobabble above, I do have a point – what you wish for maybe is NOT what you get, or even want! So first up, be careful what you wish for. And second, even if you end up with something unwanted, try to adapt. Keep an open mind. I understand why heroes have a darker side. We all do. That’s what makes us human. And on the other hand, villains are made, not born. Circumstances enable some people to revel in their dark side. We have a villain or two in our lives too. Maybe not a gun-toting one, but what about that frenemy (friend who is also an enemy – love/hate relationship) who can pull out all stops just to make your evening out lousy?

I’m not asking you to be cautious.. Well, maybe I am. It’s just that it’s not black or white anymore. Everyone has a good and a bad side. Which side you get onto is your luck and how you tackle it is your life experience.

With such wise words, I bid adieu.

P.S. I’m posting after a really long times, so pardon my French if this hasn’t been up to your mark. See, I have a dark side too ;)

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