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Cutting costs, increasing productivity and improving brand presence ensures profitability in any business. Think about when you wanted to apply for a business loan. What did you do? You checked the reputation of each bank you were thinking of applying at, right? And when you want to buy, you look for product reviews first, and then look up the company whose product you liked. So your brand presence is vital to your success. And we ensure you can grow and maintain a positive brand presence online.

So why is your Brand Presence important?

Brand presence online is how popular you are online. There is offline presence to consider as well, but for AnksImage, we focus on your online presence.

Here’s an example:

Your product is an anti-acne lotion. It’s a new product on the market. And you have full faith in your product.

Due to its age and the highly-competitive nature of its market, brand presence can be low (or zero). No one knows what a killer product you have. No one knows how helpful it can be. No one knows you exist. And when your target audience does not know you exist, who will you sell to?

In such a scenario, we start with your spying on your direct competitors. What are the strategies they have adopted to market their products? What awesome is their website? Are they active on social media? Do they publish videos? Who’s their brand ambassador? And so on.

Once competition analysis finishes, we start implementing similar strategies for your product. We track and analyze what’s working for us, and we work to grow your brand presence. Now when anyone searches for “anti acne”, or something similar, on Google Search, your product is listed in the search results.

Let AnksImage Work For YOU

Don’t you hate wasting time on learning new technologies, when you know you can use that time to work on your business? We know that feeling. So that’s why we take away all your online marketing worries and efforts from you. With us, you can leave the troubles to us, while you focus on your business.

We review your current state and suggest changes to make it more useful to your marketing goals. We also look into digital marketing efforts so you have a robust and cohesive marketing plan. We help you drive your business forward. Drop us a line here to get started!

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