rp_microphone-150x150.jpgParenthood brings in lots of joy and tears. It’s a roller-coaster ride, where one moment is filled with the Whee..! of happiness while others leave you covered in puke! I struggled a lot to become a parent, so in addition to everything I go through, I have a wonderful sense of achievement too – “Yes! I made a human being!!”

If you’re trying to get pregnant, or thinking about starting a family, I say “Go for it!” in spite of what you’re going to read below..

So here goes.. The 5 things you lose after your pregnancy, that is, when your baby is born (although some of these things can happen to you during your pregnancy, if it was a high-risk one like mine) are.. in no particular order..

Your Sense of Time

This is a biggie! Once my baby, Pixie, was born, I lost track of days or time. It was one endless cycle of feeding, changing diapers, cleaning, washing baby clothes, pumping, and then feeding again. I remember once I went three days without brushing my own hair! It might not be as bad for you because you might have a maid or nanny, which I opted not to have, but it will be true to a certain degree.

Your Sense of Style

Two to three months after childbirth, you are in a no-zone area as far as your outfits are concerned. Your body is going back to its pre-pregnancy glory but it’s just not there yet, so your normal clothes don’t fit. And while your body is making this slow journey, your pregnancy clothes won’t fit. And chances are whatever clothes you have left have some mark of food, poop, or puke, so there goes your personal style altogether.

Your Sense of Cleanliness

After your baby is born, you can’t be nit-picky. You can’t obsess over cleanliness. You have to make peace with whatever your cleaning lady is doing because you’ll be too tired to direct or argue with her. And obviously you can’t do anything yourself because you have the baby to take care of. (Again, this might not be as bad for you if you have a maid or nanny for the baby. Mothers and mothers-in-law or any other relatives/friends do help but you can’t expect them to babysit your house for more than a couple of weeks, can you?)

Your Sense of Independence

I struggled with this a lot, especially when Pixie was a newborn. I couldn’t work because I didn’t have the time. Moreover, I was sleepless and exhausted from the unnatural hours, so I couldn’t even think straight. Baby care was almost automated, coded into my system. So I had to be dependent on everyone else. My husband to take the baby while I showered for 10 minutes, my mother to bring food to the table, my friends to pick up knicks knacks from the market, and so on. It’s all coming together now that Pixie is over an year old. But still..

Your Sense of “Night”

Night time and sleep time are no longer synonymous for me. I sleep when the baby sleeps. Once I was sleeping at 9 in the morning and getting up at 6 in the evening just to keep up with the baby. I struggled a lot to regularize a proper routine of night and day for my baby, so those night owl days are over for me (I hope!) but still I do get up 3-4 times at night just to check up on her. Is her blankie alright? Is she on her cot and not hanging off the the edge?

In Conclusion

This was my attempt to keep you informed, just because no one did it for me. I joined the mommy groups after childbirth or else I would have made plans accordingly. Good luck to you and hope you get your bundle of joy soon..

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