11 Activities To Pamper Yourself

Last Updated: 30th March 2020

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Pamper yourself when you’re feeling out-of-sorts, or just because. Once I had my daughter, I finally understood the value of “me-time”. So here are my 11 activities to pamper yourself. Choose a time when your baby is out or your hubby is kind (and brave) enough to offer you “me-time”. Enjoy!

1. Dessert Time

First, choose the dessert which calls out your inner pig.

Don’t share. Savour each spoonful!

I love Rasgullas from Orang in Assam. Usually my father sends these to me. Other times, I prefer to gorge on cakes.

2. Spa Day

Book a full day at a spa center, and forget EVERYTHING.

Go home a refreshed you.

3. Dress Up

Wear something fancy on a regular day, instead of yoga pants or PJs.

Admire yourself and feel good.

Dressing up is an old habit of mine. I remember wearing my mother’s jewellery and cool outfits every chance I used to get. Now my daughter behaves the same :)

4. Hair Spa

A head massage is where you can’t help but relax.

That’s the professional help that you shouldn’t hesitate at all. So, go to a professional and relax…

5. Foot Massage

Draft in your husband for a foot massage.

Enjoy his fingers, and enjoy this intimate activity.

6. Take A Nap

You usually can’t nap when your baby is awake. So to pamper yourself, take a nap.

Go crazy and take a nap ANYTIME you want.

7. Read to Pamper Yourself

Take some time to read something you like. Read and get lost in that book.

A few years back, I had gifted my husband a Kindle on his birthday. Truth be told, he never got to use it. Our Kindle is now filled with my choice of stories – mostly romance, mysteries and werewolves!

8. Indulge.. in the Bathroom

Go to the bathroom and lock the door.

Put on a face mask, clip your nails, brush your hair, or blow bubbles from your bubblegum. Just indulge.

9. Call a friend

Call a friend and talk about old times. Get rejuvenated to face your hurricane of a baby again.

And your friend will feel great too.

10. Take a long Shower

Need I say more? Stand under the water and feel it run down your body. Feel.

You can also try using a body scrub to feel extra special under the water. I love using those awesome scrubs from Bath & Body Works. (So thankful BBW finally opened up in India!)

11. Pamper Yourself with a Treat

I usually buy chocolate, the bad kind, a.k.a. milk chocolate. When I’m feeling stressed, I munch on it. And trust me, it helps.

Of course, there’s always icecream to tide you over.

Over to you..

Being a mom is a wonderful, exasperating, amazing, overwhelming feeling 24/7. So if you are like me, don’t forget to pamper yourself from time to time with these activities.


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