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I’m a modern mom and while the yoga pants in my closet beckon me seductively every second of the day, I stay firm and juggle my kid, husband, household and work with these modern mom’s fashion – do’s and don’ts.

Why bother about Mom’s Fashion Do’s and Don’ts?

Because at the core of it all, you are still a human being. When you look good, you feel good and I for one can vouch that when the woman of the house feels good about herself, the house is happy too.

Mom’s Fashion – Do’s

>> Always make sure your underwear doesn’t show in whatever you’re wearing.

>> Wear proper shoes. Avoid the flip-flops or Crocs.

>> Twist up your hair in a up-do that guarantees a chicness to your appearance.

>> Mix and match to your heart’s desire but mind the don’ts below.

>> Check your outfit and clean up any spills – food, drool, etc. – before going out.

Mom’s Fashion – Don’ts

>> Don’t let your kid(s) choose your outfit. It’s adorable but you might end up looking like a rainbow.

>> Avoid outfits that highlight the roundness of your tummy, making you look like you’re still pregnant.

>> Don’t wear heels if you’re not familiar walking in them anymore. This way you won’t look uncomfortable plus you won’t fall on your face.

>> Avoid buying clothes you MIGHT wear in the future. Stop purchases that you think will motivate you to look like your pre-pregnancy days.

>> Don’t apply too much makeup. Remember – less is more.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed these Modern Mom’s Fashion Do’s and Don’ts. But remember, at the end of the day, you are a mom and if you don’t feel like it, just don’t care. I sometimes like to scare my neighbourhood in yoga pants and oversized sweatshirts because.. well.. I felt like it. So there.


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