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There are many ways to lose weight at the gym fast. Sure you can lose weight at home too, but truthfully speaking, there are way too many distractions at home. Here are my tried and tested methods for you today.

So let’s get to the top 13 ways to lose weight at the gym.. FAST!

Start with a pre-workout snack

Snack on whole wheat bread with peanut butter (crunchy or smooth, you choose), or some fresh fruit with plain yogurt an hour before workout. If you’ve less time, a small banana or some raisins can do the trick.

Get the Trainer

Maybe getting a workout from a trainer costs money, but asking if your postures and/or form is correct should be well within the charges of your gym membership.

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Shake your Booty!

Have you ever tried just shaking your booty to some hip-hop music? Add some booty-shaking, pelvis-grinding hip-hop moves every 10-15 minutes of your routine and feel new muscles in your body. And yes, your booty gets a proper workout too.

Challenge Yourself

If you can do 14 push-ups, try 2 more. Add more resistance to your weights, whichever machine you’re using. Kick up your leg higher even if you fear it might tumble away after a fierce half-hour of kickboxing. Just push yourself.

Bask in your Sweat

If you’re not sweating, your workout routine is not working. Workout to sweat, sweat and sweat some more. If your neck and lower back are not sweating after 15-20 minutes of what is an intense workout for you, then push yourself harder. Talk to the trainer if you have to.

Workout with a Buddy

The buddy-system works on so many levels – you two can motivate each other, pull the other one back if one goes off the plan, even do research on what workout routines suit your lifestyle and body-types.

Plus, if you pick a buddy whom you’ve been lusting after, you can easily turn workout-hour into date-night ;)

Follow a Routine

Maybe you start from one end of the gym and work your way through to the other end, or maybe a trainer (or you yourself) can draw up a routine for you. Bottom line is to follow a routine that works every part of your body, especially if you’re a beginner at gym.

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Mix Up your Routine

If you have a set routine, work at it for a few weeks. And then change it. Because you need to challenge the other muscle groups of your body now. Changing your routine every few weeks guarantees a full body workout to lose weight at the gym fast.

Try Something New

Even if you’re pumped up to use the cross-trainer, why don’t you try belly dancing instead? Trying out something new challenges new muscles in your body and you get to learn something fun too.

Don’t Stop Suddenly

Once you’ve started working out, don’t stop suddenly. Keep your heart rate up by marching (instead of strolling) from one machine to another. Keep marching in place while having water. Don’t you stop!

Talk to Yourself

I talk to myself when I’m working out, loud if no-one’s around me, low if someone is within earshot. Why? Because this helps me understand what intensity I am working out at. If I’m huffing while talking, I know I’m good. If I can talk normally, I’m just not doing it right.

Add a Little Quiet Time

Stress is bad for weight loss. So at the end of your workout, sit quietly for 10-15 minutes MINIMUM to beat stress. If you want to be more constructive about this time, do yoga.

Wrap up with a Cold Shower

Cold water helps in increasing metabolism, so have a quick cold shower before going home. Just remember to use your own towel though.


Now comes the biggest challenge – you’ve got to ignore the snack bar (or restaurants) inside or outside the gym on your way home after your workout. There’s bound to be one, because people who build gyms (and neighbouring businesses) are hilarious that way. Just stick to your plan and ignore stuff that you shouldn’t be eating.

Over to you..

Throughout this article, I’ve shown you the different ways to lose weight at the gym fast.

One last piece of advice I’d like to share with you – don’t overtrain in a bid to lose weight fast. Take rest days – you don’t need to slog at the gym everyday.

Do you visit the gym to keep fit? Share your tips with us in the Comments below.


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