How To Look Fresh Instantly

Last Updated: 31st March 2020

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Looking young and smart, or simply looking fresh is on everyone’s agenda. Some women can go to extreme measures like Botox, etc. in a bid to look fresh effortlessly. Here are my simple tips on how to look fresh INSTANTLY:

Cheer Up Your Eyes

No, makeup is NOT the solution here. The best way to cheer up your eyes is to use eye drops. Not the Rx types, but the over-the-counter usual ones like iTone or Refresh Tears. They rehydrate your eyes and perk them up. Then a swish of mascara and a dash of eyeliner and you’re fresh to go.

Highlight Your Best Feature

Yes, makeup is THE solution here. Add a bold and bright color to your eyes, or lips (whichever you think is the better of the two) to highlight your best feature. Trust me, adding pop to your eyes (or lips) freshens you up in an instant, making you look younger.

Take a Cold Shower

Or just splash ice-cold water on your face to perk it up. The cold water on your skin closes and tightens up your pores. So now you look fresh and young too. Just don’t forget to lather your skin with the proper moisturizing lotion, or else your skin will dry out quickly and leave you lines to moan about.

Lie on Your Stomach

This is one of my Mom’s remedies. Earlier in those days, girls use to rely on this trick. Sleep on your stomach for 10-15 minutes. You don’t have to nod off necessarily, just lie on your stomach so that the blood on your face can pool up. And then when you get up, you would have naturally lost any dark circles, your lips will be more plump, and your face will be more radiant because of all that extra blood.

Do a 10-Min Cardio Routine

Yeah, this is not an “instant” solution but hey, how long is ten minutes anyways? If you’re trying to look fresh for a date, ten minutes hardly matters, right?

So, put on your shoes and kick a$$. Do a Ranveer-Singh-Energizer-Bunny-dancing routine, or just walk briskly around the block, or skip in place for ten minutes. Take a quick shower. Do your usual skin routine.. and voila! You look as fresh as any 2-year-old could get after a nice nap!

Browse through Your Smartphone

This is something you can do when you are not at home, or don’t have any arsenal of makeup in your handbag (it can happen, God forbid!). Just open up the Gallery or Photos app on your smartphone and browse through your favorite photos for an instant mood pick-up. With a good mood, you smile and that smile can alter wrinkles into adorable laughing lines.

So, what do you do when you have to look fresh instantly? Share with me in the Comments section below and you might get a goodie bag from me. Details coming soon..


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