How to Look Confident, Even When You’re Not Feeling It

Last Updated: 28th March 2020

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In a job like mine, I have to look confident in public. If not, who will hire me as a consultant? So here’s how to look confident, even when you’re not feeling it. You never know when you might need this.

Let’s start with your body language, your unspoken communication, to look confident:

Don’t Hide Your Hands

When you’re down and not feeling exactly sunny, you are conscious about everything about your body. So when someone talks to you, questions that come to your mind may be:

Where should I put my hands?
Should I stuff them in my pants?
Should I leave them hanging there just like that?
Best thing to do here is concentrate on what the other person is talking and forget about the location and position of your hands. Hiding hands behind your back will look as if the other person is reprimanding you, while stuffing hands in pants doesn’t necessarily convey a better professional image either. Just hang loose.

Make Eye Contact

Look into the eyes of the other person(s) while speaking and listening. It shows you’re invested in the conversation, regardless of what you’re feeling inside.

Mind the Posture

Don’t fidget around. It gives the impression you’re uncomfortable with something.

Stand tall. It shows you’re confident and hence, standing proud and tall.

Don’t slouch. Slouching gives you an overall depressed look.

Walk fast. Walking fast conveys you are moving confidently with a purpose.


A smile can right many wrongs. So even when you’re down and depressed, make an effort to show your pearly whites. The more you smile, more confident you look.

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Now let’s move onto your verbal communication:

Speak Slowly and Clearly

When you’re not exactly feeling good about yourself, your mind may go blank during any conversation, if you have indulged in one. However, speaking slowly and clearly generally means you’re confident of the words coming out of your mouth. It conveys you’re a think-before-you-speak kinda person, so even while your mind is blank, just the fact that you’re speaking slowly will make you look confident, even when you’re not feeling it.

Don’t Fill the Conversation

Again yes, the mind goes blank when you’re facing the blues, so it’s normal to have gaps during the conversation. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not a confident person (in the eyes of the other person). A normal conversation can have silences in between. If you get anxious, it’s only then the other person might sense your doubt.

And finally, your physical appearance can also do wonders to amp up your look of confidence.

Dress in Power Colors

Maroon, grey, navy, beige, etc. are power colours worn by confident people. These colours exude confidence, even when the wearer might not be feeling so. So find the right power colors for you from your color consultant. You’re bound to bright and confident in the right colors.

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Celebrate Your Personal Style

Dress by your age, and the shape of your body. When you look great, you do get a boost in confidence. Also, while deciding an outfit for the day or occasion, always remind yourself to check it against your comfort level. If you’re not comfortable, your discomfort will show and harm your look of confidence.

In Conclusion

To be successful, you have to fake your confidence from time to time, to look confident always. In this post, I’ve shared the different techniques to look confident, even when you’re not feeling it, be it body language, your verbal communication and of course your entire physical appearance.

What methods do you choose to look confident, especially when you’re not feeling it?

Share with us in the comments below.


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