Image Consulting at AnksImage

Image consulting is about understanding yourself better with the help of an accomplished image consultant.

It’s about knowing who you are and how to present yourself in the best light around others. How to enhance one’s assets, balance out the weaker points and camouflage what needs to be hidden are the key factors.

Ankitaa loves helping women become more independent and happier with themselves. So we don’t put any name to our services. Instead, we talk about in what way Ankitaa can help you:

Rebuild Yourself with Image Consulting

As a woman, you have a lot going on in your lives. You face ups and downs, and sometimes the “downs” become too unbearable to stand straight. So let Ankitaa help you with stuff you can control..

» Did you just get out of a long-term relationship? Let Ankitaa suggest a new look to help you divert your mind, and then with a few pick-me-up sessions, you’re ready to face the world again!

» Are you getting ready to get back to work after a sabbatical? Let Ankitaa design a refreshing and cleansing makeover to embark on this new chapter of your life, AND help you adopt the right mindset.

Look Gorgeous

Women use makeup as a tool to represent their identities and individualities. The way we dress shows our personality, and the way we shop reveals our moods. Choosing the right outfit according to your shape AND age can be tricky sometimes. And that’s where Ankitaa can help you using image consulting techniques.

She can show you simple tricks in clothes, makeup and accessories to make yourself look gorgeous always – young and fresh. She can also customise solutions to help you dress better according to your shape and your workplace dress codes. And better yet, she can customise simple programs to help you get BACK into outfits you never knew could be possible.

Start A Business

Some women leave work once they are married. Others leave after becoming a mother. While some never get the chance to launch their career. There can be many reasons why you are not working currently. But if you’re willing, Ankitaa can help you launch your career without ever having to compromise on family time.

If you’re not sure how to get started, Ankitaa can guide you to explore your options, shortlist possibilities, and start your career.

If you’re sure about what you want to do, Ankitaa can help you get started by translating your concept into a proper business plan, drafting the step-by-step journey of your career, and setting you up with online as well as offline marketing to promote your business.

It’s all a matter of what you want – CHOOSE to launch your career, and Ankitaa will MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Beat Stress with Image Consulting

Stress can strain relationships, hamper your health and be plain annoying. Let Ankitaa guide you in a spiritual journey to beat stress, and get a new healthier hold on your life.

We have a variety of therapies and tips Ankitaa can share with you, and help you practice to achieve relaxation, without opening up a pint of that chocolate ice-cream!

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How can AnksImage help you?

We have many more examples of how Ankitaa can help you. Our services like ReBoot Camp for Women Entrepreneurs include all levels of image consulting to prepare women entrepreneurs be more successful in their respective lines of work. We have worked with lawyers, CFOs, teachers, coaches and trainers to help them find more success in their professional lives.

Appearance, Behaviour and Communication are the 3 pillars of Image Consulting at AnksImage. We will work with you in a series of consultation sessions via Skype or Zoom, preferably over a course of 3 months, to help you find the true YOU.

Read our image consulting posts to see the range of topics Ankitaa handles on a daily basis.

Ready to take the first step towards more success in life?