my opinion anksimageArmed with a degree in computer engineering, and thousands of hours experience in image consulting, here’s how I started and why AnksImage should be your online destination to live the life you want.

A Little History

Anks Image is my venture to make a positive influence in other people’s lives. This was my thought when I decided in the winter of 2008 that I wanted to start Anks Image, even though at that time people in India were unaware of terms like “image consulting” and terms like “personal development” meant buying a book on the same before a big job interview.

People (even members of my own family) often mistook my job to be that of a beautician. It hurt but I pushed through, and finally in early 2009, I started getting clients all across South Delhi. Whether I was counselling a law student in Vasant Kunj, or conducting a photoshoot of a Chief Financial Officer in Vasant Vihar, I was thoroughly loving my work.

Then I got pregnant, a high-risk one. I was confined indoors. During this time, I blogged and counselled existing clients via phone, if I had the energy to do so. Post my baby’s birth, I realised getting back to a “normal” life was even more difficult than I had expected.

It was tough and it took me almost 2 years to get back to my pre-pregnancy normalcy. So as I worked through my struggle, I decided to upgrade Anks Image to a more dedicated site for those women, like me, who want to balance family and career, and enjoy the life she wants.

Why AnksImage Is For YOU

It’s a difficult job to balance family and career, I know. I go through it every day. Though I don’t have to go to office every day, I have my home office where I work to find jobs – online and offline – while doing chores like cooking, laundry, cleaning, and attending to a fussy toddler and yet trying to find some “me-time” and some much needed time with dearest husband.

And that’s where Anks Image comes in..

Nowadays I blog and counsel women on topics like how to combat stress, organize your priorities, search for your job, turn your passion into a money-making adventure, look gorgeous, take better care of yourself, and also answer your questions on related topics.

Browse through this website to find your answers, and if you still have any questions, feel free to contact me. I counsel via phone and FaceTime or Skype. But sometimes the internet connection is not that great, so phone and more importantly, WhatsApp is the best place to be. Email me your phone number and we can have a little chat, free of cost.

In Conclusion

If you want to become more independent and don’t have the business know-how, or simply want to take pointers from an entrepreneur to another, visit this website often. You can also stay connected by signing up for the Weekly Digest (scroll to the bottom of this page).

Being a work-from-home mom of a toddler has taught me a lot to keep up a fruitful business and achieve my personal best. Plus, I’ve been told I do a heck of a job as a counselor too. So stop by often and let me help you. Most of my services are free. If money comes up, we can always work something out.

If you have a question, or would like Ankitaa to blog about something in particular, try using the Contact Us page, or email.

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