makeover anksimageToday, I’m going to talk about something as basic as what is image consulting. So, let’s start by understanding what is image.

In simplest terms, your image is the perception, or opinion, people have about you. And it doesn’t matter if these people know you personally or not, your image is created the moment someone notices you. First impressions, you see!

You can have multiple images – one at work, another one with your family, yet another one with your friends, and so on. And no, it doesn’t indicate multiple personality disorder. I mean, you possibly couldn’t be as casual with someone from work as you are with your friends and family, right? So obviously a different image is dedicated for your workplace, unless of course you have set up your company with your school buddies!

Why You Need Image Consulting

Well, image consulting helps you project your image the way you want it to be seen by others. Remember what I said about first impressions? Well, with image consulting, you can control the first impressions you give out to a random person.

For instance, if you come across as intimidating or too bullish, AND you don’t like it that people think of you in that manner, then image consulting is the solution you’re looking for. With certain changes in your body language, the kind of clothes you wear, and with some training in etiquette, image consulting can rectify your image to come across as the kind of person you want to be seen and accepted as.

Which Image Consulting Should You Choose

Personal Image Consulting: If you are an individual trying to build an appealing image by improving your looks, understanding the rules of etiquette, etc. try personal image consulting solutions like makeovers, color analysis, weight loss, fashion style, personal shopper, and personal grooming.

Business Image Consulting: If you are an organization trying to build an appealing public image (or brand image) by improving the skills and productivity of your employees, and understanding how to build long-term customer relationships, try business image consulting solutions like business etiquette, business grooming, and handwriting analysis.

Online Image Consulting: If you are a noted personality, or an organization, trying to build an appealing online brand image by opening a direct connection to your fans, customers, clients, etc. through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. then online image consulting solutions like internet marketing and social media tools.

Whichever solution you choose, image consulting helps you project your image the way you want.

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